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The Copyright and Related Rights Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Law on Collective Realization of Bosnia and Herzegovina stipulates that every public presentation of music works is legally regulated and protected. The law stipulates a legal usage of music works via a collective organization that charges compensations for the rights of music performers from the users of organizations, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina is entitled Association of Performers and Players - AIS. If you would like the AIS to protect your copyright as well, please contact AIS to regulate your membership.

How to become an AIS member?

Honorable performers. The membership in our collective organization is free of charge and simple. You have to fill in a contract and an application form of AIS that can be found on our website or to contact the Professional Service of AIS for additional information on the following tel. number 033 425 400 or via email:

Have you registered your musical works?

In order to acquire a proper performing compensation you have to register your musical works via a Music Work Registration Form that is available on our website or that can be acquired at our collective organization.

Who is entitled to the collected compensation for music performer's copyright?

AIS is a non-profit collective organization of artists with a mission and aim of realizing a collective protection of rights of performers in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Law and the Collective Realization of Copyright and Related Rights Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which means that it realizes no profit for itself.

After deducting the actual charging costs, all the collected assets from the users of musical works are distributes to the performers whose musical works are publicly presented in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Protect your performing rights via the collective organization AIS.



Asocijacija izvođača i svirača

Jošanička bb (14),
71320 Vogošća, BiH
T: +387 33 425 400
+387 33 425 401

Jahorinska 26, 71420 Pale, BiH
T: +387 57 316 557


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